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J Pigg Stink Bait

They'll go hog wild over it!

To Order:

 Call Ronald Wiesepape 325.647.5785

or Shan Cumba



Why J Pigg?

J Pigg's stink bait has revolutionized catfishing. Once you have tried it, you'll never use another stink bait again. The catfish love it!

The main ingredients are cheese and shad with fiber to hold it together. It's a punch bait - no springs or sponges needed.  

Key benefits:

- Never have problems catching catfish again.

- Comes in multiple sizes

- Shipped directly to your door

- Lasts indefinitely: bait is aged 2 to 3 years before processing. The older it gets, the better it gets!

How to Use

With your #4 or #6 treble hook, push bait in with a stick, and pull stick out at a 45-degree angle.

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